10Relationships are not the place for ego.  Friendships, marriages, business partnerships have all been ruined over someone’s ego.  Don’t let your ego be louder than the relationship…pause & take a step back before you react.


Reviving Dreams Deferred

15It’s never too late to try again. Sometimes dreams, visions or goals get deferred simply because life happens.  A new relationship, a new marriage, children, a new job, stress, expenses, loss, pain and struggle are many of the reasons that people don’t work to fulfill their dream.  What comes along with some life changes is a shift in vision, different dreams may emerge and that’s all a part of life.  But for those that have dreams that have been embedded in their hearts and minds for years; and those that have had something tugging at them on the inside to do and be more and you have always had a vision of what that more is…this is for you…for us.

No matter how overwhelming it seems, no matter what distractions come your way, no matter how many mountains you have to climb, no matter how many valleys you have to go through, no matter how hard life gets; YOU CAN DO IT.  It’s hard to know where to start sometimes, but just start and once you start keep going.  One accomplishment at a time is how this gets better.  One accomplishment at a time is how we reach that goal and see that vision come to fruition.  Dreams are sometimes deferred because we put a timeframe on them and when it doesn’t happen within that timeframe we put things on hold or dismiss them only because we think that they won’t happen or believe that it’s too late.  As long as we are living and breathing, it is not too late.  Okay, so maybe the goal was to get there by 28 but you didn’t hit the mark until 45; the important thing is that you hit the mark.  There is wisdom at 45 that doesn’t exist at 28 and maybe the wisdom you had at 45 is what YOU needed.

Focus on the positives, do something that makes you feel alive, sharpen your focus and make it happen.    Don’t stop until you do…


My quote of the week is by Prince Rogers Nelson

“It’s only been a hour since U left me, but it feels like a million days
If Eye had a magic wand Eye could turn back time
Eye’d never let U go away”


Honor & Respect to Prince

Couldn’t let this time in space go by without leaving something on my blog about him.  He was magnificent, gifted, artistic, creative, intelligent and he touched the world with his soul and the universe with his spirit.  His words and the feel/emotion in his music touched me throughout my life.  Like most of the world, I am still in shock.  Even though he is an entertainer, someone I never knew, this one hit hard.  Rest in eternal peace & power.