In the latest hours of the night and earliest hours of the morning, spend time in silence, spend time with you. It is there where you will discover all of the things that the noise of the world tends to drown out. It is there where God speaks, Source speaks, the Universe speaks, where Angels and Ancestors speak…where you speak.

Peace & Power to you



2018 – The Year of…

Well 2017 is done and a new year has started.  At around the two-week mark, the countdown began and all you saw on social media is what people were giving up for the new year, who they were cutting off for the new year and what the new year was going to be.  Now, don’t get me wrong if 2018 is the year of Money (I just made that up), I’m with it, but please understand that you have to do something to get that money…it is not going to magically fall out of the sky.  Financial blessings do occur sometimes, but it is not the norm.  Year after year I see people declaring what the year is going to be and at the end of the year, I see a lot of people left with disappointment because that declaration didn’t come to pass.  That leads me to share with you all what I am giving up this year…

!!Warning!! – “Realness” can be offensive to some people, so if that is you…please stop here.

What I’m giving up this year;

  1. Grown selfish spoiled people who throw temper tantrums when they are not the center of your world. (be gone)
  2. Fake people who think they are so real, it is sickening (and the other fake people that they surround themselves with for validation)
  3.  People who never see themselves in the issues that surround them, the ones who see everything as everyone else’s fault (see y’all)
  4. People who judge others for the VERY SAME THING that they have done at some point in the past (I don’t like those people very much…so I’m giving ’em up)
  5. Manipulative, playing the victim people…(just stop it and y’all can stay)
  6. To sum up 1-5, I’m giving up people who refuse to own their own shit! (my dad taught me that one)
  7. ….cookies…maybe…. 🙂
  8. Movies that turn into musicals, when it’s a movie…lol…I’ll watch a little singing but too much annoys me (unless I set out to see a musical and not a movie)

We all have some stuff with us…none of us are perfect.  We all have suffered loss, insecurity, broken hearts, backstabbing “friends” and/or family members, fighting for survival in some form or fashion and many other things that have changed the makeup of who we are and has probably caused us to act up a bit here and there.  Here and there is different from being “extra” all the damn time.  Now I added a touch of (my own) humor to my list, but in all seriousness, I need my energy high, I need to vibrate high, I need peace for my sanity and survival and all of the type of people who I listed are energy vampires and they drain me until my energy is close to zero.  I, like many people in the world, am an empath (that really is a real thing).  We feel and know on a completely different level.  We see the fakeness, the lies, the insecurities that are being covered up by “acting”…we see and hear what isn’t being shown or said…yeah, we see our own stuff CLEARLY too (I know someone is asking that right now).  I honor what I feel and I feel that I have over extended myself long enough, been overly nice long enough, tried to be a good friend and suffered through knots in my stomach, energy attacks and everything else that comes along with people like that long enough…and I have decided and am confident enough to say that I am done.  In 2018…for myself, I am donnnnne!!!

We should all be standing in our power and if we are not, we need to do whatever it takes to get there.

Peace, POWER & Prosperity in the New Year to you all!!!



Who in life has mastered the art of living while balancing life happening… Loss, grief, heartache, sickness, stress, accidents, uncertainty, fear, family, friends, career….

I was pretty good at it, but experiencing a major loss and the grief that has followed has thrown everything completely off. I am now trying to live life with a new normal and I don’t quite know how to do that yet. One thing that i know is that those who have transitioned before us would want us to move forward, live life and enjoy it.

I’m going to work on that…

Life is a journey, enjoy the ride as much as possible.


The Unexpected in Life, Happened

In the earliest hours of July 4th I received a call from my dad’s wife that my dad had cancer, on October 11th I received another call that he made his transition.  A lot happened in between those two phone calls, but the end result was the same.  I’m glad that I got to spend two weeks with my dad just one week prior to his transition.  I’m still broken, still upset, still grieving, even in knowing that it was just a transition…  I came today to say that life is short; shorter than we expect it to be.  Forgive, love, reach out, make time and then take the time, believe the best in people and let them know how you feel.  There is no doubt that my dad knew beyond a shadow of any doubt that I loved him unconditionally, in spite of a lot of “stuff”.  When I was with him for those two weeks, I told him everyday.  And, there is not a doubt in my mind that he loved me.

Life will be empty without him.  Life will be different without him.  Life will not be the same without him but I am happy to know that he is okay now.  ….and with that, I have to end it.  Peace, Blessings, Love & Light…



10Relationships are not the place for ego.  Friendships, marriages, business partnerships have all been ruined over someone’s ego.  Don’t let your ego be louder than the relationship…pause & take a step back before you react.