Beautiful Morning

I was on my way to work Wednesday morning and the sky was absolutely beautiful! I was glad to get a quick pic!

Michigan mornings….


Breaths of Life – New Book Release

I finally did it!  I published my first book…

This book has been in my heart for several years.  It has changed more times than I can count.  It started out with chapters and went through many phases, before becoming what it is.  The end result turned out to be motivational messages/passages BookCoverPreview (2)designed to be read, affirmed and reflected upon.

Life has a way of happening whether we are ready for it or not.  Challenges come and go and then come again.  Sometimes the cares of life cripple us and instead of fully living life, we come to the point where we just simply exist.  No longer moving, growing or changing…just existing.  I’ve been where wasted moments have turned into wasted years, time and time again in my life.  Those experiences and everything the climb out of them took, is where Breaths of Life was birthed.  My goal is to motivate, inspire and encourage others and to let you know that regardless of what it looks like, it can and will be okay.

Breaths of Life is available on Createspace and Amazon and will soon arrive on Kindle.

Breaths of Life by Erika Morgan on Createspace