Time has a funny way of changing things and people.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just is what it is.  Give a person or a situation enough time and they/it will change or be forced to.  As I sit back and think of the whirlwind my own life has been for the past 10 years, I also think about all the changes that I’ve seen in myself, family, friends, coworkers and social media connects.

old_clock-wallpaper-1920x1200Over time, believers turn into nonbelievers, friends turn into strangers, and lovers turn into someone “we” used to know.  I’ve seen dreams come true and on the flip side, hope fade.  I’ve seen love turn to hate and anger turn to humility.  I’ve seen media feed lies to the minds of people and I’ve seen some of those people believe it and develop fear and hate because of it. I’ve seen people that I know create these “new personas” on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and it is nothing like who they really are.  It amazes me, yet I’m glad that I and a trillion others prefer to be and stay grounded, focused and REAL.

The older I get and with more time that passes, I have learned to let go.  I have come to the point when I recognize that when something or someone has served its purpose in my life and that picture becomes crystal clear, I simply let go.  When someone causes uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, when they frustrate you to no end and when their ideals and beliefs are 100% different than yours and everything turns into an argument or a debate…it’s time.  Your circle may get smaller, but it will get stronger, and that’s what we all need.  I used to hang on to relationships based on how long I’ve known someone, but that’s not a reason to keep someone in your life if they add absolutely no value.

Moral of the story, be YOU, stay TRUE and keep it REAL.  In doing that, you will always make the right decisions for you.






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