Honor to Dr. King

I remember when President Obama was elected. So many of us were excited and discussing how MLK’s dream was being fulfilled. In the years that followed a black man being elected to that office…blatant racism and hate surfaced in ways that I thought, wished and hoped no longer existed in this country. It is beyond reprehensible for anyone to think that the treatment of black people & other people of color in this country is okay or deserved or whatever else their twisted minds think.12417903_10206822812181364_928557334958927148_n Fear has attempted to turn the ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ movement into a terrorist group & some people actually bought into that nonsense in an attempt to discredit actual accounts of brutality and flat out murder to and of black people in this country.  Dr. King had a very realistic, reasonable, achievable dream. But when you are dealing with delusional, demented individuals who think they are better, more than, entitled to (the list could go on) simply because of the color of their skin…and a lot of those individuals are in high offices and ingrained throughout the “justice” system….the work will long continue to someday see the dream made into reality.  Anything is possible.  The dream is possible, but we have a long way to go.  I give HONOR to Dr. King on this day, the day the nation honors him, for paving the way & providing the vision. 

Peace & LovE always


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