Finding the Answers

Why are some people more fortunate than others?  Why are some rich and others poor?  Why did she get laid-off?  Why did he break her heart?  Why does she have to struggle?  Why didn’t he love her?  Why wasn’t she enough?  Why did they lose touch?  Why do they depend on her so much?  Who can she depend on?  How come it seems the harder she tries, the harder it gets?  What is it like to have real, unselfish friends?  Do they really exist?  Why did she make so many mistakes?  Does it really take all of these lessons to grow?  Why?  When?  Why?  Where?  Why?  How?  and  Why?

Why can’t she just BE?

Just then she determined in her heart that she would find a way to answer all of those questions with something other than a question mark.  For far too long she had been defined by the circumstances in her life, instead of by herself.  She realized that she had to push through it all….through the anger, through the pain, through the doubts, past the fears and the wasted years.  She realized it was time to emerge into the beautiful self-confident woman that she didn’t realize, she already is.

– EM


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