Unheard Voices

At one point or another unheard voices will begin to shout.  That is what is happening in Baltimore, that is what happened in Ferguson and that is what will continue to happen across this country until police brutality against black men/people stops.  While I am not in agreement with the riots (destroying your own communities and taking property that doesn’t belong to you), I understand the place that they come from.  I understand the anger and the frustration.  When I think about how these senseless murders have been justified in the media and in the courts, it sickens me.  When I look at how the media in this country portrays what is happening, it sickens me.  When a jury justifies murder, in this so-called “justice” system, it sickens me.  When white rioters destroy property and set cars on fire after a sports team loses, does it make the news every hour on the hour?  Are they portrayed and called thugs and animals, like black rioters are when they riot because of social injustices?  Why doesn’t the media show all of the peaceful protests that are going on in the same way that they show the riots? It’s amazing when you watch news broadcasts from outside of the country, how different the view/perspective is.  The media in America manipulates the minds of people.  They portray the images that they want people to remember, they instill fear into people and they perpetuate racism against people of color.

How many times will a black man be murdered at the hands of the police before someone, somewhere, with some real power does something?  I think anyone with a conscience is sick and tired of seeing “justified murder” happening in this country and it seems to be happening more and more.  After President Obama took office hidden racism became blatant racism.  When will those that took the oath to protect and serve, do that when it involves protecting citizens from their racists “brothers in blue”?  When will the US Justice Department crack down on this systemic issue?  I wish I had the answers to the never-ending questions that many of us, have in mind.

If someone doesn’t start listening soon, I believe that the shouts of the unheard voices will get louder and louder, and America will be forced to listen.


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