Life – The Lessons

Life…its full of ups and downs, ins and outs, rights and wrongs, hurt and joy, friends and enemies, disappointments and life-quotesvictories, what you thought would be and what actually is…life…is full of surprises.  Life has changed me and is constantly changing me into the person that I am meant to be.  The experiences come to shape, mold and grow us up.  Part of the process is pain, frustration, fear and rejection and all of those can drive us into a place where it seems there is nothing left but hurt and anger.  While we may stop there and maybe even rest there for a little while, we cannot and must not remain there!  Earlier in life I believed that if someone hurt me, left me or said hurtful things to me, it was ALL their fault.  Now I know that is not necessarily always true; sometimes it is, but most times it is not.  What that says is that I’ve grown.  When I was unwilling to see myself, I blamed everyone else.  When I matured, I saw myself before putting the blame on someone else.  There is always more to what we see, than what we see.  It’s all about perspective and how you look at what you see.  The pain that comes with the process should shift your thinking; really it should shift your entire BEing.

Consider how much easier things would become if we just shifted our perspective on a few things.  If instead of getting mad and bitter, the focus was on getting better.  Instead of holding on to what’s already gone, surrendering and being open to what comes next. Instead of judging others, looking within and making the necessary corrections.  Instead trying to control everything, getting a firm grip on those things that are out of control.  Instead of  fighting, learning to flow with “it”.  And instead of filling the environment with lots of noise for fear ofof what the silence will reveal, embracing the revelation and clarity that it brings.  Imagine the shift that would take place!

I end with a few Lessons Learned;

Few people are selfless; most are selfish

When it seems that you are on a one way street, in friendship, usually you are.  Take the next turn and get on the two lane road with someone who wants to be there with you.

The road is blocked for a reason, go in another direction

The door is closed, locked and bolted shut, so stop trying to open it

Life will change, when you do

Everything does happen for a reason; sometimes it’s because we make bad choices and sometimes it’s because we need a nudge to go in a different direction

Wisdom has very little to do with age

Some people are just delusional

Other people’s insecurities should never become your issue

Living life without passion isn’t really living

Love is awesome and should not be confused with the pain of what someone labeled as love

God IS…


God will…




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