My Sunday Morning Thoughts

I woke 331508_2392684569015_1986244275_oup at 4:00 AM this morning to take my sister and her husband to the airport for their Vegas vacation!  I pray for safe travels and tons of fun!!

I came home watched a little Kirk Franklin live in concert, had praise and worship time and made a cup of coffee and warmed up a butter streusel coffee cake.  I remember as kids, my brother, sisters and I LOVED when we had butter streusel coffee cake and we would sneak in the kitchen for more after breakfast was over with, and the leftovers were sitting on the stove.  It still tastes just as wonderful but I swear that I enjoyed it more, when there were 4 of us racing (while sneaking in the kitchen) for the last piece at the same time.  butter_streusel_coffee_cake

While sitting here enjoying my coffee & cake, I thought about my grandparents.  I miss them so much.  I have specific memories from their home as a child…  I remember the smell of Folgers coffee, the smell of grits cooking and the very loud, yet somehow still calming, clock ticking in the den.  I miss how my granddad would greet us at the door…”who’s that knocking?” and he’d answer “just us chickens”. lol   I miss my grandma’s gentle kisses on the cheek and her soft hands. I know so many people who never knew their grandparents.  I am so blessed and fortunate to have known mine.  999664_10200568651591258_956135092_n

Have a great Sunday!


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