Lift Every Voice! 14 Reasons We Will Always Need Black History Month (LIST)

Global Grind


The advent of Black History Month brings both excitement and anxiety, as we do our best to responsibly remember the contributions of blacks in America and field off annual commentary meant to cheapen the 28 days set aside for uplifting black communities.

And with some American citizens’ well-intentioned quest to make this nation “post-racial,” that commentary is sure to come.

In 2014, Black History Month may seem obsolete — after all, post-racial America will likely point out that we have a black president and anything designated to highlight the successes of any one race can be seen as divisive. But if we take into account why Dr. Carter G. Woodson created Negro History Week in 1926 (turned month because of its popularity), you’ll understand why we still need to honor it.

The purpose? To ensure the intellectual survival of the African diaspora by highlighting contributions and history in…

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