Plan A, Option 1

You Rock

I hear it and see it time and time again; people made to feel like they are second best, that they are someone’s plan B, that they only matter when there are no other options.  No one should be made to feel that way.  Every person on this earth was created with a purpose in mind.  God didn’t make a mistake!  Each of us was designed with specific characteristics, personalities, minds, spirits, hearts and desires with an end goal in mind.  If someone ever attempts to make you feel like that, don’t allow it!  YOU have to be your own first choice, plan A and only option before you can be anyone else’s.  I’ve heard a lot of preachers say “when the devil knocks on the door with a package of fear, doubt or unbelief don’t sign for it/ don’t answer the door”.  The same goes for people…when their insecurities make them try to treat you as anything less than what you are, when they don’t recognize your greatness because they can’t see their own, when they try to put you last in line, when you were created to be 1st…love yourself enough to walk away.  What you deserve is waiting for you somewhere else.


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