On this Journey

Life has been referred to as many things, a road, a journey, a destination and a path among many others. I think that I would have to agree with most of them, if not all. Life is definitely a journey and we all are walking a path on our way to somewhere, at any given time. We meet different people from different walks of life on this journey, some of them join us for a short time and others for a life time, but each plays some role, regardless of the significance, in who it is we eventually become. A seemingly meaningless encounter, could end up adding more value to your life than you thought possible. Another could be misunderstood for something that it’s not or as something that it’s not but is supposed to be. In talking to my friends and co-workers I often wonder how life got so complicated. I wonder when did we start questioning everything, doubting most things and trying to figure out what’s going to happen before it does. What would happen if we just lived life, if we would just let things unfold without trying to control how they unfold, if we would stop analyzing and controlling and dissecting and just BE. With today’s society, there is a definite need to BE with boundaries, but nevertheless…just BE. Just be on the path we’re on, embracing life as it happens, appreciating the good, learning from the bad and walking this journey with those we were meant to walk it with.

Just wondering…


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