Frustration and Race Relations

Every now and then something happens to stir the pot

Tensions rise and the entire atmosphere changes

You can feel it in the air like a cloud of fog, like volumes of hovering dark clouds

in wait of a brewing storm to break through.

If you’ve never been me and I’ve never been you

how can either of us really understand what the other has been through?

What has happened in this land where injustices are celebrated

Where the President is disregarded, disrespected and

blocked at every turn


because of the color or his/our skin.

Why is there so much hate, so much fear, so much disrespect,

such a huge disconnect?

Why is there the inability or maybe its just an unwillingness to see the truth,

for what it is,

the way it is,

no filter.

Just because it hasn’t been your truth, doesn’t make it any less real

doesn’t negate the way we feel and why we feel what we feel.

In the words of India Arie….”you see the truth it needs no proof, either it is or it isn’t”

HISTORY shows that our truth, is the truth…

Seek Justice, Seek Peace

~One Love~


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