Used Car Gone Bad and the dealer has NO INTEGRITY!!!

IF YOU LIVE IN THE METRO DETROIT AREA – PLEASE SHARE THIS…I financed a used vehicle last month and the next day the vehicle caught on fire while I was driving it in a funeral procession with my family. I had the car towed to back to the dealer the very next day assuming that they would do, what I consider, the right thing by taking the vehicle back or offering a different vehicle. That did not happen. Instead I was questioned like I was a guilty culprit and I was even told that the service manager said “it looked like someone poured gasoline on the front of the vehicle” although clearly from the pictures I took, as the car I had for LESS THAN 24 HOURS was burning, the fire was falling from underneath the vehicle. The dealer is insisting that the fire was from an external source although two “unofficial” looks at the car from the fire department and my insurance company state that it looked electrical. The dealer wants me to just get the cosmetic damages of the car fixed without getting the root cause of the fire fixed, which makes absolutely no sense at all. If you don’t fix the source of the issue, it could catch on fire again. This was a horrible experience for my family and I. I was out of work for awhile and really needed help with getting a vehicle. This situation is costing me time and money that I don’t have and while waiting for a FAIR resolution (which may now include having to file a lawsuit) I’m still without a car!! The lack of integrity, character and customer service that this dealer is showing is appalling. Red Holman GMC, 35100 Ford Road, Westland, MI 48185


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