Learn Respect for the Process

Sometimes we are moving so fast through life that we don’t realize when its time to slow down until we hit that one speed bump that forces us to.  Setbacks are a part of life.  Most people look at setbacks as a negative experience, a pain in the butt, something that needs to be rushed through and fixed in hurry.  How many people take the time to understand that some setbacks are by design.  Some setbacks, while seemingly hurtful, are actually to help you.  Somewhere there is growth or change that needs to take place and if we don’t take enough time to stop and let the growth take place or the change to happen, we will be forced to.  We will be forced to go through the process whether we want to or not.  So since going through the process is not an option, why not learn to respect the process, learn from the process, demand the utmost out of the process and be determined that while going through whatever is necessary to go through,  that life will be better and you will be stronger after going through the necessary steps and stages of the process.

Sometimes you can’t learn what you need to learn while you’re on top, while life is great and all is well.  Sometimes you have to lose what you thought you couldn’t live without to see that there is a better life…it’s just different than what you thought.Image


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