Only For Lovers…

Close your eyes

and imagine

a place like no other

The most, cozy intimate atmosphere

a place

meant only for lovers

Everyone is allowed one guest

My choice is most definitely you

Now we get two choices

of what we want to set the mood

My first choice,

scented candles

because after all

there’s nothing more exciting

than silhouettes making love

reflected on the wall

My second choice is music

something soulful, slow and smooth

our minds will catch the rhythm

and soon our bodies will catch the groove

Next we must choose our venue

there are so many rooms inside

let’s choose one together

so that we’re both satisfied

I like this one, come over and

take a glance

It has everything we need

for this exotic night of romance


Oh by the way, did I tell you,

How good you look tonight

Later I’ll tell you

if you feel the same

…if that’s alright


Staring deep in each other’s eyes

feels something like reaching each others souls

We’re feeling the heat, the love, the passion

we’re losing control in the flow

Never did I fathom

loving someone

as much as I do you

Never thought my dreams

of a perfect lover would be true

Your touch is making me crazy

and filling me with desire

Your kiss and body smooth as satin

are setting me on fire

Climb me like you would a mountain

swim in me as if I were the sea

Wrap your limbs around me

as we float into ecstasy


Slowly we have reached our height

wrapped in love and each other

Lying here enjoying

this place we’ve imagined

This intimate place

meant only for lovers


© EMagine That Creations LLC


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