A Mother’s Love…(written for the passing of my friend Jeff Williams’ mom)

There are so many things in Life

that can Never be replaced

The many memories, which will Forever remain

after a Mother has finished this race
A word of advice she’s given

after seeing you get hurt & suffer

The look in her eye of encouragement that gave you Strength

even when things seemed to get tougher
That smile only she could give

that showed her Strength, Beauty and Pride

That indescribable, irreplaceable Love  – she felt for You inside
Remember, hold on to All the things about Her

that Helped mold you into who you are

And no matter what happens those thoughts of her

will Never be too far
With every Breath you take and every Beat of your heart

there is a Memory that will Forever Live

about the Love that Only a Mother could give
Even though it’s hard for you to see the sun

and your world seems showered with rain

Always hold on to those Precious Gifts

that your Mother so Freely Gave

Those gifts can never be replaced and will forever and always remain



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