This Concept Embedded in My Mind

Would it sound crazy to you
If I said that I knew you before me met
In some way, on some plain, in some
other time, under some other name
I must/ have known you
There is no other way
I would feel what I feel
And see what I see
And know what I know
About you/ and me
I knew you
How else could I explain
Feeling who you are
 with just a few conversations
and a couple/ of exchanges
I’ve stared at you
In amazement (without you even knowing…)
and wanted to ask you a million times
Who you are, where you come from
and how did you come
to be the way you are
Because I swear
When I look at you
I see the heart of God
No explanation can be given
No reasoning heard
I believe that you are him
And yes
I am her
I’ve seen scenarios
with you and me
 a million times in my mind
like watching old memories
or maybe
perceiving/ what’s to be
Because for some reason
I too believe…
Is it crazy that
I get swept away
Lost in the eyes
I’ve never looked in
High off the color
and imagined feel of your skin
Captivated by the
aura that exists in your presence
Wanting to evaporate
into your essence
Surrounded by the love
that must seep through your pores
Enamored by
that music I hear
disguised as your voice
Trying to hide the fact that
When you smile
The light I see
makes my world worthwhile
I can’t explain it
Trust me, I’ve tried
But there is a reason
That I’m feeling/ knowing/ and believing
in this concept
of You
and I


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