Can I/You/We

Can I propose to you
that this thing
by HIM
for you and me
is exactly where
and almost what
we are
supposed to be

Can you really look at me

feeling me
in the way you do
be as familiar with me
as I am with you
and honestly say
don’t know why
I’m here
Can you…
Can I propose
to you
that God heard
the prayers
of two
made note
of the desires
held in the hearts
of both me
and you
and answered them
at the same time
in the same way
on the same day
Can you be honest
with you
honest with me
about exactly where
you are
why you’re there
and where you need to
and should be
Can I be honest
with me
and honest with you
where I am
what I really need
and want to do
….with me and with you

Can I

Can You
recognize if we are
standing in the middle
of an answered prayer
get confirmation
from HIM
if you’re supposed to be here
if I’m supposed to be there
Can we
should we
will we
ever recognize
when the questions should stop
and living the answers
when we stop making
it so hard
and we ALL win

Can I
Can You
Can We…
figure this thing out

2009 © Erika Morgan/ EMagine That Creations LLC

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