Find It: Whatever You Need to Survive

Yes, sometimes life is difficult.  If we are alive and breathing, one thing is sure; we will experience hurts, be greeted with disappointments, be caught off guard by unwelcome financial burdens, suffer sickness (either ourselves or someone who we know), face death meeting someone we love and a long list of other trials.  Sometimes, if we are not careful, we can get lost in the middle of the circumstance and before we know it…we lose ourselves completely.  During the trial, the struggle, the pain, the anger we must remember to not forget what life was, is and can be again.  We have to look deep inside of ourselves and remember that what doesn’t kill us, really does make us stronger, wiser and more confident to fight a better fight next time around.  And as long as we are living, there will be a next time.  We have to dig down deep and find whatever it is we need, pull it out, apply it and move on in life being happy, healthy and free.  What you need really is nestled there on the inside of you, waiting for YOU to go and find it.  It’s easy to stay down when you get knocked there.  It’s easy to wallow in sorrow, to withdraw from the world and find a safe place to hide…that’s easy.  It takes absolutely no courage to do that.  On the other hand, to keep swinging when you have no more fight left in you, to stand tall and walk strong, even if you have to wipe the tears from your eyes to see where you’re going, to keep moving forward with fear in your heart and doubt in your mind…that takes strength, courage, willpower, buoyancy and most of all love for yourself and those around you that need you to survive…that need you to thrive while you’re surviving.

We have to learn to just BE and understand that the circumstance does not define who we are.  We define who we are, what we are and who/what we are to become.

Be Encouraged, you can overcome and you will survive.
Love, Erika M


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