Dancing With The Stars

What in the world is going on with Dancing With the Stars…First off, someone tell me when did Bristol Palin’s status get to “star”?  Among all of the football and basketball players, professional actors, actresses and singers…she just got thrown in there among them.  If I can just be blunt SHE SUCKS at dancing.  I’m sure that her beloved mother *insert sarcasm here*, Sarah Palin sent out a tea party wide email along with one to the entire state of Alaska to vote for her daughter.  Now…dancing with the stars is about who can dance the best at the end of the season.  Even though Bristol has moved up from horrible to bad, the fact is that she does not deserve to still be on the show and she most certainly does not deserve to win the trophy.  If ABC does not deal with it, then hopefully the fans of this show will.  I say STOP watching it and let the ratings drop to nothing and the show will be taken off the air.  If it’s not a show based on fairness, it shouldn’t be a show.  Hell, if Bristol can make it to the finals, I say “the Situation” with his abs should be there too! *insert more sarcasm here*

There are even some tea party sponsored websites which were shown on Good Morning America this morning, where people were making comments about how they voted from made up email addresses, because there are no checks to see if the addresses are valid and they he voted for Bristol 300 times…are you kidding me?  Of course the show is claiming they have checks in place for that…yeah right!  I bet they do now.  I went on to Bristol Palin’s page on Facebook just to check it out and my observation is that Bristol and her followers are delusional.  Ok, number one, the fact that she has thousands of followers shows the issue with her followers.  What in the hell are you following her for…..ok, that’s another issue, and number two…she had the nerve to put something in her status about “Haters are already lining up against her”…she doesn’t have haters.  You get haters when you are successful, good at something…in this case we are talking about DANCING…she has people who are just speaking the truth…she sucks!  They are not “hating on her” because there is nothing to hate on. 

Brandy and Maks were the bomb!  Brandy actually DESERVES to be on the show.  Brandy being voted off of the show instead of Bristol was a huge insult and slap in the face.  I hope that the professional dancers refuse to dance for the show anymore if Bristol wins….

So, with that said….if I have to go and register 1000 email accounts and vote for Jennifer and Kyle from each of them so that one of them can rightfully win, EVEN THOUGH THEY BOTH DANCE CIRCLES AROUND Bristol, then that is what I will do.



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