Light in the Darkness

Once you get through the clouds…there is always light.  This thought came to me as I was enjoying my plane ride that would soon be ending.  I was heading home to Michigan from California.  I had just enjoyed a fabulous week visiting my dad & step mom, lying in the sun, wine tasting and just enjoying that great California weather and all that it has to offer.  It was early October 2009 and it was getting cold outside and although in the airplane, above the clouds, the sun was shining bright; I could tell by looking at the clouds beneath me that it would be a totally different story once we landed.

Life is sometimes like that.  Sometimes you will go through life with the sun shining bright, everything going well and according to plan and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere a dark cloud, a black sky or even an unexpected storm will appear.  It can be difficult to see through the storm, while you’re in the middle of it.  It may seem like everything is going wrong, in spite of your efforts to make them right.

While the airplane was heading for a landing, we experienced moments of strong turbulence going through the clouds.  It shook the plane,  shook us up a bit and tossed some things around, but once we got through it…smooth sailing.   But now that I was on the other side, all I could see were those dark thick dreary clouds.  I knew for a fact that above them, even though it didn’t look like it from where I was standing, the sun was shining in all its glory.

Such is the same in life.  When you go through a dark & difficult time, when you start losing hope, this my friends is the time when you must KNOW, that once you get through this test, this trial, this difficulty the sun is shining on the other side.  Never lose sight of that, no matter how difficult it gets.  The SUN IS SHINING ON THE OTHER SIDE, now make your way on over there.

~ Erika M.


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