Rhythms of You

Being with you is like being high and floating into my own groove
It’s like living free and doin’ what I want without having to watch every move

Touching you is like touching satin, my hands glide to a rhythm all their own
It’s like that feeling one gets in a small dimly lit jazz club listening to a musician play the saxophone

Kissing you is like having a dream that’s so good you wished it was real
The kind that makes you warm inside but at the same time gives you chills

Feeling you is like feeling a song when the beat vibrates your soul
It’s like relaxing your mind so deeply that it’s no longer in control

Hugging you is like the embrace the wind gives as it passes by on a warm summer night
It’s like wrapping the covers around your body and pulling them up real tight

Looking in your eyes is like touching but without the use of hands
It’s like you answering all of my questions…without me even having to ask
2009 copyright EMagine That Creations LLC


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