Waiting for Superman – My Opinion

So…I’m hearing this movie is already being boycotted.  I read that it is being called anti-teacher & anti-public education.  Some COULD say that at this rate, public education is looking like it’s anti-children & anti-student.  I for one am glad that someone has put a microscope on the education system in America.  I saw a couple of blogs that say “Support a public school teacher and boycott Waiting for Superman” and “Support the teachers union and boycott all things Oprah & Waiting for Superman”.  Where in any of those blogs is the interest on the future of our children in this country?  I can tell you where…NOWHERE.  If having specialized charter schools, WHOSE FOCUS IS ON THE CHILDREN, is what it takes to properly educate the children in this country, then I’m all for it.  I took a little time to do my own research and what I found is quite sad.  All the boycotting is not about the children…that much we know, if we’re honest with ourselves.  I have a friend that is a teacher and if she hears the words “charter school” she goes on a tangent. 

When you look at the success rates of graduation & college attendance that the majority of these schools are having, how could you not support that.  The teachers willing to stay well into the evening hours to tutor the students, schools providing cell phones for the teachers so that the students can reach them up until 10 PM for help & mentoring.  I know several teachers and I only know of ONE that has unselfishly made himself available to the kids like that, using his own cell phone.  But that’s ONE out of many…  

I’m going to see the movie!  I hope that you do too, before passing judgement on it. 



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