The Insecurities of Women

This weekend I experienced something that I seem to always experience more in the city that I happen to be in right now, than in any other place.  The insecurities of some of the women here.  Each time I encounter this, it’s always so extreme.  Most times I simply shake my head & even get a laugh out of it sometimes, but for the most part it really does make for an unpleasant environment.  Since I made a consicous decision YEARS AGO to not make someone else’s issues & insecurities mine, I usually just leave and go somewhere that I can enjoy myself without all of the extra drama.

To the insecure women of the world I say find out what issues YOU have that make you this way and deal with them.  The issues that make you immediately get pissed off at another woman just by her presence.  The issues that make you look her up and down, roll your eyes, whisper to your “friends” or your man about her, treat her rude, and that cause you to act extremely silly and foolish.  INSECURITY BREEDS FOOLISHNESS, this is a fact.  So my suggestion to you is to learn to love yourself enough, so that you won’t find issues with everyone else.

To the targets of these insecure women I say keep being exactly who and what you are.  There is a confidence and an overall attitude that you have and they want.  It’s not up to you to make them feel better about themselves.  Don’t let their issues have an impact on you & definitely don’t let their issues become yours.  Everyone has the same opportunity to develop themselves and their self-image and if they choose not to do it…that’s on them, not you.  Keep doin’ what you do and keep being you!

I make positive confessions over myself everyday!  I say what and who I am, and what and who I want to be, every single day.  I learned to love myself, my perfections and imperfections, my strengths and my weaknesses, through the good and bad times.  The confidence that I have developed by doing this is what has turned me into a target.  Some times I hear these women say “she thinks she’s all that” and all I did was walk in the room and sit down.  But the truth is, THEY think I’m all that and that’s why they said it.  I make no apologies for the way I look, the way I carry myself, the way I dress or the attention that I sometimes draw.  I am who I am and as Jill Scott says in her song Hate On Me…”I’m going to keep being who I be”.

Peace & Love

Jill Scott “Hate on Me” Video


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