The Urban Dictionary

The Urban Dictionary

I never knew that such a thing, as the “urban” dictionary, existed…until today that is.  I was looking up a not so common word today and the urban dictionary came up in the search results.  I don’t know why my initial reaction to these types of things is always slightly offense.  Just like when I saw that the CIA or FBI was hiring for Ebonics interpreters…well maybe my first reaction to that was the thought of how ridiculous it was…anyway, back to the Urban Dictionary.  My initial thought was is this really necessary…REALLY???  But as I started to browse through the website I found it to be quite entertaining.  The dictionary contains  “regular” definitions as well as those for the not so commonly used words.  It also contains a variety of definitions for people, places, events and things.  I even found my name – [Riki – woman/man who is strong, beautiful on the inside and out; fun-loving, loves to tell stories, strong willed or stubborn; full of life and energy; competitive; go-getter; loves the outdoors; loyal to true friends; goes out of her/his way to help others; has a nurturing personality to take care of others; well-rounded individual.]  I searched a few random events, like Valentines day and got a kick out of their definition…”a day to make lonley people depressed and loved people possesed”. 

So while I would not frequent the Urban Dictionary for definitions or spellings on a regular basis, I guess sometimes everything has it’s place.  It’s all in fun and fun is actually okay…lol.  Oh and get this…if you like to collect novelties, you can buy hats, tshirts, coffee mugs, temporary tatoos, stickers, etc. with any of UD’s words & definitions on them. 


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