"Feel Good" Music

There are times in life that we all feel down.  Whether it’s a bad day, we experience a setback or just feel like the world is against us, a quick pick-me-up is needed!  What I do when I feel this way is put on one of (what I like to call) my feel good songs and blast it as loud as I can.  If there are words I sing them and if I’m able to, I dance and just let the music uplift me and take me away from whatever negative vibes I’m feeling.  For me, a feel good song has to have all of the elements that make ME FEEL GOOD!  The music has to be just right, the vocals have to be just right and it all has to come together in a way that literally changes my mood…

So if you don’t have any feel good songs, get a few.  Music really can be healing!

Here are a few of my Feel Good songs;

Ken Navarro – Smooth Sensation


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